田中 みゆき

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT、山口情報芸術センター[YCAM]、日本科学未来館にて展覧会や公演などの企画、書籍の編集に携わったのち、フリーランス。障害を「世界を新しく捉え直す視点」として活動を展開。障害に関する主な仕事に『骨』展(2009年、21_21 DESIGN SIGHT)、『義足のファッションショー』『“subliminal wave of light” otto & orabu × 高木正勝 LIVE at Miraikan』(共に2014年、日本科学未来館)、『障害(仮)』展記録冊子編集(2016年、鞆の津ミュージアム)、『国際交流基金 障害 x パフォーミングアーツ特集 “dialogue without vision”』(2016 年、KAAT神奈川芸術劇場)、『大いなる日常』展(2017年、ボーダレス・アートミュージアムNO-MA)、『音で観るダンスのワークインプログレス』(2017年、KAAT神奈川芸術劇場)など、カテゴリーにとらわれずプロ ジェクトを企画。現在は映画『ナイトクルージング』制作中。


As a curator, Tanaka has been engaged in a number of exhibitions, performances, and publication editorials. Her activities are based on creativity and communication found in everyday life. After being engaged in the exhibitions, bones (2009) and The Definition of Self (2010) at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, her interests often include technology, where future of humans and the society could be found. She curated LIFE by MEDIA: Proposing new forms of life and living with media and YCAMDOMMUNE at Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM] in commemoration of its 10th anniversary. At Miraikan, she took in charge of Prosthetic Fashion Show: Rhythm of athletics, and the collaborative live event between a band from the social welfare facility Shobu Gakuen and musician Masakatsu Takagi, “subliminal wave of light” otto & orabu × Masakatsu Takagi LIVE at Miraikan. She has continuously been engaged in projects related to disabilities, including Japan Foundation presents Disability × Performing Arts Series 2016: dialogue without vision (2016, Kanagawa Arts Theatre), exhibition The Great Ordinary (2017, Borderless Art Museum NO-MA), and performance CREATIVE AUDIO DESCRIPTION: dance work-in-progress seen by ears (2017, Kanagawa Arts Theatre) among other projects. Her projects present disabilities as an alternative perspective of re-viewing the world.


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